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NAS @ Base means a Network Attached Storage device at your home or organisation. They aren't large but their capacity is!

It is an affordable way for people with higher data storage needs to gain flexibility, security and speed of your data transfers within your own local network.

A NAS device is often configured with multiple hard drives to ensure continuity should one drive fail.

It can store backups & system images as well as your 'live' data instead of having it on a laptop or PC drive and so if anything happens to the device its data is not on it to become a worry!

A NAS Device takes away the need for slow uploads and downloads from online storage or file replication services of your day to day files and places them on your own secure storage device.

Data Access speed - Because your local network is much faster than broadband, you will get vastly faster access to your data store(s).

Online services can have a reputation for being hacked or even 'snooped on' so if you have your data 'at your base' you are protected from this by being behind your router firewall and a if you want to access the NAS device from the internet it has advanced security features to protect it from 'them'.

And our after sales monitoring and updating service will ensure that Your NAS is working correctly, securely patched and its applications are updated as required. Also we will inform you of any new applications that you may benefit from adding later.

This device is compact, has multiple drives and is more reliable than simpler methods such as external USB devices.

Stroud Cloud connection:- Your NAS @ Base could automatically also back up your files offsite to our own storage (Stroud Cloud) using an encrypted key only you hold so that should disaster strike your building your files are safe stored locally with us (and only us, we won't replicate them anywhere else).

Additionally this device also offers a plethora of other server type tasks that it can do such as acting as your;

Mail Server (POP & IMAP),

Media Server,

VPN Server (for secured outside connection into your network),

Notes Server

and many more........

This solution is affordable, compact and fully automated. Please give me a call, text or email if you would like to discuss how it might help your business or home. 0757 900 1747

Ring me for a chat on 0757 900 1747, text or email us and I we will call you back.

'Ask me for Free':- Because I offer you 'Free Time' of up to 15 minutes for assessing how we can help, you can relax while we discuss your needs, without obligation!


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